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Danielle Laporte, HC Leader & Coach, Ongoing Training, United States

IIN, Integrative Nutrition Institute, Health Coaching, United States

Harvard University, Managing Anxiety and Mental Health, United States

Prof. Eduardo Melamud, Cellular Memory Release, Argentina

The National Institute for the Clinical, Application of Behavioral Medicine: Dr. Tara Brach, Radical Self Compassion, United States

Dr. José María Campos, Cellular Redeneration, Brazil

Michael Reed Gach, Acupressure, United States

Tracee Stanley, Nidra for the nervous system, United States

Gabrielle Bernstein, SJ Coaching program, United States

Dra. Katherine Northrup, Holistic Women's Health, United States

Elena Brower, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation, United States

Jo Tatstula, Meditation, Women's Cyclicality, Yoga, United States

Simon Sinek, Purpose and Conscious Business​, United States


Amy Galper, Aromatherapy, United States

Dr. Mariza Snyder, Aromatherapy, United States

Jethro Kloss, Herbal Medicine, United States

Katie Hess, LotusWei, Floral Alchemy,  United States

Kurt Schaubelt, Medical Aromatherapy, United States

Marion Leigh, Findhorn Flower Essences, Floral Theraphy, Escocia

Rosalee de la Foret, Herbalism, United States

Rosemary Gladstar, Herboristería, United States

Herbal Academy, Advanced​ Herboristería, United States


Articulando, Prof Maite García, Prof. Gimena Fojaco, Aromatherapy, Uruguay

Claudia Anselmi, Visual Arts Expression, Uruguay

Flora Bowley, Visual Arts Expression and Creative Process, United States

Kelly Rae Roberts, Artistic Expression, United States

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