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"Nadia conveys her knowledge with a humble and simple approach and exudes a lovely energy, which is not easy to achieve through virtual means."


Dra. Estefanía Galli

MD, Psychiatrist

Reset Session



A veces necesitás una infusión de tranquilidad. Sientes que vas con sobrecarga, que algo puntual pasó y te dejó con desorganización y falta de tiempo.

Reset es una sesión de Wellness Coaching

Nos encontramos en Punta Ballena u online.

Te voy a escuchar, brindarte mis puntos de vista, establecer prioridades y tener un espacio de ritual para que te relajes, respires, conectes y te restaures con serenidad, facilidad y disfrute.

Reset es una sesión para volver a tu centro, encontrar orden y calma.

Inversión 75 dólares

Modalidad presencial en Punta Ballena u Online

Duración 90 minutos



Océano Elemental

Inspirada en la profundidad de la naturaleza, esta terapia es una combinación de herramientas poderosas de gestión y liberación de estrés.

Dos horas de profunda regeneración

Comenzamos con una charla y desde la visión del Coaching de Salud para ordenarte interna y externamente. Seguimos con una sesión de Decodificación de la Memoria Celular, para detectar y liberar estrés bloqueado a nivel emocional, mental y físico.

Continuamos con una terapia restaurativa en donde fusiono una Ceremonia de Aromaterapia, sonidos, hierbas y todo lo que necesites para continuar liberando estrés en capas más sutiles de tu conciencia.

Finalizamos con una síntesis desde la visión Heart Centered.

Terminarás sintiendo una gran renovación física y mental, orden, claridad y mucha calma.

Inversión 70 dólares

Modalidad presencial en Punta Ballena

Duración dos horas

Océano Elemental
Programa Individual Calma



A basic program to examine your relationship with stress, guide you towards healthy habits for the mind, emotions, and body.

At the end of your Calm program, you will have order and clarity. 

You will also learn stress management tools and additional resources. 


CALM consists of 4 one-hour sessions, either online or in person.

Total investment:

Uruguay - $7.900

Overseas - US$ 210

"The personal process I underwent with Nadia catalyzed many joys that I now reap in my present. Her energy lovingly led me to see, understand, and accept myself. I greatly value her presence in my life; her immense heart continues to embrace me from afar."


Lula Gil, Architect

Programa Individual Cambio



Designed for individuals seeking lasting transformation. We will work on releasing the accumulated stress, reordering your life, and making necessary changes to achieve mental, emotional, and physical stability and well-being.


Change is for you if you want to:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve your sleep

  • Establish healthy habits

  • Evaluate your relationships

  • Review your career and goals

  • Navigate life transitions (e.g., pregnancy, menopause...)

  • Address any other transformational journey

Upon completing your Change program, you will experience increased serenity, stability, and a healthy relationship with stress.

CHANGE consists of 12 one-hour sessions, either online or in person.

Total investment:

Uruguay - $22.800

Overseas - US$ 580

"When I met Nadia, I knew exactly what I was looking for. From the day I arrived at our first meeting, I had no doubt that I was in the right place. Even before exchanging words with her, my intuition told me this was it. I have a restless, anxious heart and have always struggled to find moments of calm, focus, inner harmony, and coherence. Over these months, we've worked on that (and much more). Today, I not only feel that I've cultivated that calm and love, but I've also learned to enjoy moments of tranquility without so much mental noise. I found within myself what I was often seeking outside... So, I'm very grateful to have found her and her magic."


Dr. María del Pilar García, Vet

"It was exactly what I needed to complement all the inner work I've done to find balance after intense emotional experiences and personal challenges. I value her empathy and personal energy. I felt immediately comfortable. Nadia provides complementary tools to what one may already know to help you become your best self, find balance, and prevent energy drain."


Licensed Nutritionist and

Communicator Luciana Lasus

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