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The feeling of being threatened has always been present in my body and mind. The stress I experienced generated some kind of expertise, an immense need to start studying the subject.

It began with my own therapeutic process and then, mixed with the trips I took for our family business, which gave me the opportunity to study and learn a lot.


I started working in the corporate world at the age of 14. I experienced it all. I had the opportunity to grow mentally and emotionally, to develop professionally in ways I had never imagined. The maritime-commercial field, seasoned with being the daughter of the owners, was very challenging from every perspective.


Throughout my life, I experienced some of the most severe stress and post-traumatic stress: sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and the stress of living in a war-torn country when the Twin Towers fell, and I lived 45 minutes away from Ground Zero.

Today, I consider myself a stress expert.
It took me three decades to recognize it.

Not so much because of the diplomas or certifications I may have, but above all because of what I lived.

Since 2014, I have worked as an independent therapist focusing on stress, and I can tell you that:


There is no magic formula. There is a genuine commitment to look at the stress you experienced in the past and the overload of current stress. There is work to be done.


Accumulated stress leads to anxiety, blockages, and, as we know, illnesses. Let's take action. We can change our relationship with stress.


I'm not the “queen of happiness” because we all have things that weigh on us, and life is a rollercoaster of surprises that often we can't control. What I can tell you is that I feel recovered, and while I have scars from the wounds, I see in this image a woman who achieved what she wanted: to break free from self-imposed constraints, grow, and serve.


I am continually renewing my vows with myself and my profession as a stress management therapist. What I have learned over these decades is strengthened every day, through what I experience, what I share with other people, with my family, and of course, with nature itself: my greatest teacher always.


I live with my husband and two of our four children in the forest of Punta Ballena, Uruguay.

Thank you for visiting my site.

With respect,



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